Word order of relative clauses

This parameter considers the position of a relative clause to the noun head it modifies. Not all relative clauses can be analyzed in terms of this parameter. For example, internally-headed and double-headed relative clauses should be marked as NoDWO. Correlative relative clauses (value KorrRel for parameter Relative clause types) are by default RelN, and adjunct relative clauses are NRel. Only externally-headed relative clauses require further analysis for classification.


NoDWO: There is no dominant word order of relative clauses. This may be either due to the type of relative clause or to the use of multiple strategies without any appearing as dominant.[1]

?DWO: For objective reasons, the dominant word order cannot be determined.[2]

NRel: The relative clause always or usually follows the noun head.

RelN: The relative clause always or usually precedes the noun head.


[1] If multiple strategies exist, these should be detailed in the commentary with reference to statistical evidence.

[2] A typical example is when there is insufficient relevant data for statistical analysis.